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Dog Obesity: 6 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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Dog Obesity: 6 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

How To Help an Overweight Dog Lose Weight?

1. Don’t feed your dog according to human weight loss recipes, this may be the main reason why it is getting fatter. Choose a dog food with guaranteed quality, and with a small number of fresh vegetables, Do not add extra high-fat foods, such as meat and milk. This is more nutritious than the homemade recipes you give your dog, and it’s more conducive to weight control.

2. The choice of dog food is very important. There are many low-quality dog food, which dogs love to eat, but they contain a lot of oil, salt, and food attractants. On the contrary, many dogs don’t like to eat well-formulated dog food, so be sure to do your homework on the dog food you choose. One of the best ways to test dog food is to try it out. If you think it’s too salty or too oily, it’s not good for your dog’s health.

3. The core tenet of choosing a food pairing is to make the dog eat well but lose weight. If you are concerned that your dog is not getting enough to eat, you can choose a weight control formula food from a trusted dog food brand.

4. The health problems that obesity may cause also require special attention. For example, joint health, heart health, blood health, etc., Do regular checkups and adjust your dog’s food or increase supplements according to your doctor’s recommendations.

5. Many people see that the dog is fat, and they increase the amount of exercise several times. Don’t do this. Excessive exercise can easily cause injury. As long as you can ensure that you can walk your dog for an average of more than 45 minutes every morning and evening, and occasionally go outdoors, or take your dog for a run and swim, it is completely enough.

6. Brain exercise is more important than physical exercise, and it’s easier for dogs to burn off energy. For example, teach the dog some new skills, take the dog to places he has never been before, deal with strangers and unfamiliar dogs, and take the dog to complete some things he didn’t dare to do before, etc.

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