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9 Tips on How to Remember to Bring Important Things

by Letomi
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9 Tips on How to Remember to Bring Important Things

I always forget to bring important things when I go out, what should I do?

1. Give the most critical parts to the mobile phone that is always in your hand. For example, set the important items to be brought the next day as a screen saver. If you are already lying down, or you are away from home, but you remember what you need to bring the next day, you can use intelligent voice assistants such as Siri to tell him how many hours later to remind you what to bring, and then you can rest assured.

2. Never add extra burden to your hands. The best way is to bring a backpack and put everything in it, because the action of the backpack is very memorable, but also a ritual of going out. When you don’t carry it on your back, you will feel light on your shoulders. Don’t carry two if you can carry one, and never three because you only have two hands.

3. When buying a bag, try not to buy a bag with an internal zipper or a complex structure. Make sure that when you check before you go out, you can see what is in the bag and what is not in the bag at a glance, to avoid the illusion of “I brought it all”. And don’t put things that can be put in the bag in your pockets or hands, and things that can be put together, don’t put them in a separate compartment to ensure that everything is in one place.

4. Ensure sufficient sleep, a person with a serious lack of sleep will not only be unconscious but all normal activities will also be greatly disrupted.

5. If you are older than 60 years old and find yourself losing things frequently and getting more and more serious, or even uncoordinated in daily activities and often tripping, you can go to the hospital to check, which are the precursors of Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia).

6. If you remember, when you go home the day before, the most critical thing to take with you is on the bottom side of the door mirror with a sticky note. This is the last step out of the door so that you can achieve “check again before leaving home”.

7. Get into the habit of setting out at least half an hour before, which will keep you calm for a few minutes before you go out. If you know you’re going to be late before you leave the house, even things you’ve already prepared may be forgotten in the panic.

8. For daily essential items, such as keys and various cards, prepare a backup set if possible, and ensure that there is a backup set for your clothes, bag, and car.

9. For temporary, special, not everyday must-have items, such as resumes and gifts, be sure to prepare them the day before.

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1 comment

Peter Kliman 06/29/2022 - 7:11 pm

Really helpful, it seems I’m not the only one who occasionally forgets things, it’s just that my methods aren’t that good.

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