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9 Tips for Avoiding Fights at the Dog Park

by Letomi
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9 Tips for Avoiding Fights at the Dog Park

My dog goes to the park to play, and often fights with other dogs how do it?

1. At this moment, don’t stand by and cheer, be peaceful and firm. When the two dogs fight, don’t keep screaming or shouting at the dog in a panic this time. This will only convey tension and anxiety, which will cause the dog to fight more and more fiercely. If you want to stop by sound, you must use a calm and firm tone and use a decisive and loud voice to remind and interrupt the dog’s intense state.

2. If the sound doesn’t work, don’t panic, you stay calm and watch carefully. See which of the two dogs is more agitated, or which one has the upper hand (usually the one on top), and focus your attention on it.

3. A firm touch. Once you have the dog under control, give a firm but not too strong touch with your heel toward the dog’s chest. The purpose is to let the dog relax and recover from the intense state.

4. Use tools. If the situation is too tricky and you’re not sure you can control the dog, use a nearby tool (such as two metal food bowls) to make a loud noise, or use a tool (such as a stick) instead of your hand to firmly touch the dog.

5. Don’t let the dog mistake you for a fight too. Never try to grab the dog from above its head or from the front, as this is very easy to get accidentally injured. Once you have identified your target, immediately grab the back of the dog’s neck or collar from behind and lift it upwards.

6. Only let the dogs socialize in suitable groups. I have 3 criteria:

  • The dogs in the group are similar in size to your dog, so that even if there is a conflict, it will not cause fatal injuries;
  • The dogs in the group play more politely, they do not ride on each other, and show their teeth and low growl at each other;
  • Look at the dog’s owner to see if they are playing on their phone or chatting with others on the sidelines, or they are always looking after their dogs.

7. Walk your dog first, then play. Your dog arrives at the park, meets a group of happy companions, acts very excited, and is eager to join them… Not so fast! If you release him at this time, he will enter the pack with excitement and then meet the other dogs, and excitement is one of the most likely states to lead to conflict. So, take your dog for a walk around the pack first and wait for your dog to calm down before you allow him to play.

8. If you find your dog about to fight, stop it in advance. Pay attention to the dog’s body language, such as body stiffness, leaning down to make a hunting posture, eyes locked on other dogs, mouth closed, and back hair standing up, these are some signs before the dog is ready to fight, at this time in time to stop or separate the two dogs, is the easiest and safest way to avoid conflict.

9.  Think calmly and act decisively. Unless it’s two dogs that are very different in size, then usually dogs don’t get seriously injured immediately after a fight. So, don’t rush, first try to stay calm and think about what to do next, then act decisively.

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