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7 Top Tips for Cat Picky Eaters

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7 Top Tips for Cat Picky Eaters

My cat won’t eat other canned food after eating premium canned food. What should you do if your cat is a picky eater?

1. Cats are naturally picky eaters. After the cat enters the human family, it can only rely on the owner to provide food. When it finds that if it does not eat those things that it does not like so much, it will get more delicious food, and its “picky eater” gene will be expressed.

2. Feed the cat regularly and quantitatively. If it doesn’t eat a bite when you feed it canned food, or if it turns away, you can put the canned food away first and bring it back to it after ten minutes or so. If the cat still does not eat after ten minutes, wait until the next meal and do not offer other food in between. But the cat should not be hungry for too long, otherwise, it will be detrimental to its health. If it does not eat for a day, other methods can be used.

3. In the expensive cans, according to the proportion of 3%-5%, slowly add other new cans, and gradually let the cat accept the new cans.

4. You can try dipping a little canned food on its nose with your hands, or heating the can slightly, which can stimulate your cat’s appetite. Appetite up, it will naturally eat.

5. Try several brands and flavors of canned food for cats. If possible, it is recommended to change a brand every two weeks or a month. Cats are very picky eaters, sometimes they may get tired of a particular brand or flavor of canned food, rather than simply wanting to eat premium canned food.

6. It should be reminded that if a cat is sick, select food based on its “willingness to eat” and listen to the doctor’s advice.

7. Many people think that cats are so picky eaters that their adaptability must be weak. This idea is wrong. Picky eaters are not the reason for their poor adaptability, but the result of their strong survivability. In nature, cats are very good hunters with strong survival abilities, so they can choose their favorite prey to hunt, get more delicious food, and make themselves a good survival.

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