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7 Tips to Stop the Dog Ignores Me Outside

by Letomi
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7 Tips to Stop the Dog Ignores Me Outside

What do you do when your dog ignores you outside?

1. Start by consolidating the “recall” exercise at home. First, stand very close to the dog, squat down to welcome him, and then call his name enthusiastically. Once the dog comes over, touch him with a cheerful emotion and add a verbal reward. Then increase the distance little by little, and repeat the practice for different scenes to increase the difficulty.

2. Don’t let your dog rely too much on treats, rely more on your emotions and actions to show your happiness. Every time your dog’s attention returns to you, or looks at you, encourage your dog with a cheerful mood, which can be combined with verbal praise and petting. Treat snacks until you complete a big challenge. For example, if your dog is staring intently out the window and comes to you as soon as you call his name, this is the time to reward the treats.

3. Let the dog learn our “reminder” and “interrupt” in advance. I’m used to using a quick and firm “shoo” sound to stop any behavior that I don’t agree with, such as finding a dog chewing on the foot of the sofa, barking at the door, or about to turn over the trash, I will immediately use a “shoo” sound Plus my firm attitude to remind and interrupt this behavior.

4. Calm down your dog before going outside. Be sure not to take the dog out when the dog is particularly excited and eager to rush out, so that the dog will keep this exciting state throughout the dog walking process, resulting in a difficult time returning attention to the person.

5. After going out, let the dog solve the urine and stool before starting to practice first, if the dog is in a hurry to go to the toilet, this time our requirements can be reduced a little. For example, sit down and wait for a while before entering the grass. Then start practicing seriously.

6. When walking your dog, review the “recall” exercises you’ve done at home in a simple, quiet environment, and then practice in a distracting area.

7. In the process of walking the dog, when you find that the dog starts to focus too much on something, use “reminders” and “interrupts” to get the dog back to attention. When the dog’s attention is transferred to you, reward the dog with a cheerful mood promptly, and insist on doing exercises every time you walk the dog, and the dog’s attention will easily return to you after going out.

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