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7 Most Impressive Self-Introduction Tips and Tricks

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7 Most Impressive Self-Introduction Tips and Tricks

What should I do if I want to impress people in a 30-second self-introduction?

1. In addition to wanting the other party to remember you, there is another appeal behind this question: I hope that the other party will be willing to have a link with you in the next step after hearing your words.

2. Saying points that might create a common link with the other person will make it easier for them to remember you.

For example, talk about something that you are particularly interested in. When you are talking about something that you are truly passionate about, your whole person will shine, and at this time you are likely to have a resonance with the other person. After you have something in common, it will be easier for the other person to remember you.

3. The more valuable you are, the more willing the other person is to link with you. For example, in the self-introduction to indicate that you are an expert in a certain area, you may provide information or links to the other party.

4. When your energy is positive, like a luminary, the other person will be more willing to connect with you as well. Your description of your interests and your passion will make the other person feel that this person is very interesting, very rich, like a luminous body, and all people are like living things, all of which are phototaxis.

5. To show your characteristics.

This characteristic can be all aspects, even if your name has characteristics, such as your name is two very special words, or has a very special meaning, or your surname is very characteristic, then you put your name one by one word to emphasize so that the other party has a strong impression of you, it is all right.

6. In fact, what you say is only 30%, and the more important 70% is the state of your whole person when you express it. Including the interaction between your eyes and the other party, let the other party see a very bright smile, whether your body language is stretched, whether it is relaxed, whether it is inclusive, these add up to help you form a very good 30 seconds of self-introduction.

7. After introducing yourself, the next initiative should be yours, make sure to take the initiative to follow up with the other person again.

When following up, you can say, “It was nice to meet you at the cocktail party yesterday, and I was very interested in what we talked about so-and-so, and I hope to meet with you again.”

Or if you want to build a deeper connection with this person, you can simply say: “I would love to invite you to lunch soon, can we talk a little more about this topic. Wednesday or Thursday these two weeks. , can I meet you again when it’s convenient for you? Have a coffee, or have lunch?”

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