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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog out of the Trash Can

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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog out of the Trash Can

My dog likes to dig through the trash can, what should I do?

1. Managing the garbage cans in your home is probably the most straightforward and effective way to do this. Timely trash removal, using trash cans with lids, placing trash cans with food scraps in the kitchen, and strictly prohibiting dogs from entering the kitchen can be very effective in avoiding it.

2. Never beat or scold the dog afterward. If you drag the dog to the trash can that it turned over an hour or two ago and beat and scold. Your dog will not understand what you are trying to do, and it will start to associate the trash can with being beaten and scolded. I feel that I didn’t “clean up” the trash can enough, so I was beaten and scolded, so next time it eats the ground more cleanly.

3. Be sure to stop your dog when he is ready to go to the trash. You can pretend not to notice your dog and when he is about to go to the garbage can, immediately stop him with a firm voice and shoo him away. Repeat this several times and your dog will understand that you do not allow him to go into the garbage can to look for food.

4. Satisfy your dog’s sniffing needs with a sniffing pad. While feeding, hide the dog food under a sniffing pad and let it find it. Usually, you can hide snacks in every corner of the house and let them play the game of finding snacks.

5. Many dogs enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of finding their food more than the food prepared in the food bowl.

6. Find something to do for your dog. The reason many dogs like to go to the garbage can to find things is actually that they are so bored. Make sure you walk your dog at least twice a day, morning and evening, for an average of 45 minutes or more, and insist on good walking practice each time, as well as interacting with your dog and doing a little training when you’re at home; leave some toys and treats for him to chew on before you go out.

7. Be sure that the dog is fed. Do not starve your dog just because you want your dog to lose weight, so of course, it will have to forage on its own. You can get your dog to eat smaller meals more often, and increase the amount of exercise to achieve this. At the same time, feeding some high-fiber dog food can also increase the dog’s feeling of fullness at each meal.

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