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6 Ways to Help a Friend or Family Member With Depression

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6 Ways to Help a Friend or Family Member With Depression

A family member has depression. As a family member, I want to help him improve his condition, but I am afraid that it will worsen his depression. What should I do?

1. Depression is a disease that requires formal treatment to recover, and other means have little effect. For example, depression does not get better just because you listen to a few nice and comforting words from friends and family. The main thing is to listen to your doctor and do whatever you are told to do, take medication, rest, and exercise, and you will soon be relieved.

2. Go to the hospital for regular check-ups. Don’t ever take a chance and judge that it is almost healed and then not go to see the hospital.

3. If a patient wants to stop or change medications, it is important to consult with a doctor to avoid accidents. While all medications certainly have side effects, it is not for no reason that a doctor determines that a patient needs to take a medication. There have been many tragedies that have occurred between self-medication and discontinuation.

4. Don’t be overly protective of people with depression. Some people speak carefully to patients, for fear that a bad sentence will “stimulate” the disease, but it is not necessary. You can treat him in the same way as you would treat a patient: with moderate concern, ask him what help he needs, and wish him a good recovery.

5. Never think that a depressed patient has a “disease” and treat his normal emotional needs as a symptom without giving any humane response. For example, if a depressed friend tells you a sad story, you just suggest that he see a doctor and take medication, instead of comforting him properly, as if his emotions are not worth anything other than being seen as a disease. This is not good for either of you.

6. A wide variety of methods can be tried by the patient and may be useful in individual cases, but it is best to make medical treatment the highest priority. In addition to psychological counseling, you may also hear that there are many therapies: meditation, recreation, sports, and fitness, each with some successful examples, but in terms of data, the medical approach is the one that has been widely validated.

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