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6 Tips for What to Do when You Feel Empty at Night

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6 Tips for What to Do when You Feel Empty at Night

When work is over during the day and I’m home alone at night, I start to think wildly, and feel restless and empty, what should I do?

1. Many people have anxiety about being alone. To get to the root of this feeling of anxiety about being alone, you need to find the cause and prescribe the right remedy. In most cases, when you recognize the root cause of your anxiety, your anxiety may have been relieved to some degree. Because once you know the “why”, the feeling of unease that comes from not understanding what is happening to you will be much lessened.

2. It is recommended that you use a reflective journal to try to understand and analyze what thoughts or worries occupy your mind when you are alone, making you feel uneasy and anxious. This is a simple and effective way of thinking record and analyzing. Anyone who wants to understand their unpleasant thoughts, those unpleasant thoughts that flash through their minds, needs to record them and study them in a structured way.

3. The specific method of reflective journaling is: when you feel uneasy and emotionally irritable at night, find a quiet and private place and start recording your thoughts and emotional feelings. Write down the date and time, then briefly describe the uncomfortable situation you faced. Then, try to describe exactly how you felt when you were feeling down. Emotions are a shortcut to cognition or thinking. After keeping a reflective journal for about a week, you should find more obvious clues as to the specific thoughts that make you feel anxious.

4. Generally speaking, solitary anxiety can be divided into three types. The first type is solidified thinking anxiety. If you can’t get rid of a recurring thought when you should be enjoying alone time and feel troubled, entangled, and at a loss for it, please jump out and think carefully about which kind of solidified thinking is causing it. In the process of growing up, we try to do it repeatedly towards one goal or another to get the approval of our parents and the praise of people around us. Over time, the mind produces a variety of rule-based beliefs or more stubborn habits of thought. Many people feel restless and unsettled when they are alone precisely because they stick too much to one idea or one practice when dealing with people. And this solidified thinking can have an extremely negative impact on you when you are in serious conflict with others and your environment. At this time, you need to clear the fog and see the belief that may be too stubborn in your heart.

5. The second type is death anxiety. If you are alone, always feel as if you are sick all over, often think about sickness and death, and you are most likely have death anxiety. The best way to combat death anxiety is to think about how we should live. A survey by the charity Death Matters shows that more than 70 percent of people feel uncomfortable talking about death, and less than 30 percent will tell their family about their dying wishes. Death anxiety cannot be eliminated at the root. The only thing we can do is to do what we think is most important with our limited life. Every day of our lives should be spent pursuing personal goals, doing what we love, and being with the people we love.

6. The third type is general night anxiety. If you go about your daytime business as usual, but at night when you’re alone, you’ll think about things. And the content of the reflective diary is not regular, are some accidental jumping thoughts, then you are most likely black night anxiety. The most effective way to combat nighttime anxiety is to try not to stay alone, and to schedule more time in the evening, you can go out with friends, go to sports and fitness, chat with your family, and do more things that interest you.

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