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14 Simple Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

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14 Simple Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

What to do if you are suffering from stress at work?

1. Work stress is fair. People who are doing things, no one can stay out of it. Every boss and co-worker you see is under a lot of pressure. The only difference lies in the ability of each person to hide their anxiety. Believe in this, it is not easy to feel resentment.

2. Workplace stress and life stress cannot be eliminated interchangeably. So don’t release the stress in the wrong place.

3. The essential source of stress is “incompetence”. Because there is not enough control to influence the direction of things, there will be a strong sense of insecurity. The key to relieving stress is not to eliminate stress, but to improve ability.

4. At the end of each day’s work, withdraw from the details, review the goals from a global perspective, and self-check the progress, which will help you improve your sense of control.

5. Stress cannot be replaced, but attention can be diverted. When it gets overwhelming, you can get out of the office and play a game for an hour, or exercise vigorously for half an hour to relieve stress. The problem is still there. But take it easy.

6. Develop friends with the common ground within the company. Speaking out is the most effective way to reduce stress, not because friends can comfort you, but because it is much easier to look at the problem again from someone else’s perspective.

7. If you can’t do the sixth point above, try writing down your stress and problems, just for yourself. Then you will find that it is not that complicated.

8. Address the source of stress first, talk to the person who created the stress for you, and talk about your troubles. Always face stressors most directly. Many times you will find that stress may be because you “think too much”. Procrastination and detours only add to the stress.

9. If stress interferes with sleep for more than two weeks, seek medical attention. You can seek guidance from your human resources department for medical resources.

10. Never do anything you can’t let others know about, no matter how great the benefit.

11. The human body is an “antifragile” system. If you can recover, you are anti-fragile, and you will become stronger; if you can’t recover, you will be useless. For masters, a high level of rest and recovery is strategically placed. You may want to ask the teachers who are in good shape in the company what methods they have to reduce stress.

12. The thing that drains your energy the most is being with disgruntled people. So do yourself a favor and don’t bunch up and get together to whine.

13. The thing that most replenishes your energy is to do creative things, not rest. Creative things include many types, find the one that suits you best.

14. The mental energy to fight stress is an ability that can be enhanced through training, so be sure to do your best every day, constantly touch the upper limit, and stimulate the energy value. For example, ask yourself to prioritize one particular fear each day. Or try to constantly increase the work saturation.

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