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13 Tips to Lose Weight Without Losing Breasts 2022

by Letomi
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13 Tips to Lose Weight Without Losing Breasts 2022

Want to lose weight through fitness, but worry about getting smaller breasts, what should I do?

1. After fitness and weight loss, the absolute size of the chest will decrease. Weight loss is a whole body behavior. When you lose weight, the fat in all parts of the body will be reduced (but not uniformly), and you can’t lose weight wherever you want.

2. What makes women’s breasts full and firm is not the accumulation of fat, but more the role of the mammary glands. Different women’s breasts can be roughly classified as fatty and mammary depending on the percentage of fat and mammary glands. Fatty breasts will shrink with weight loss, while breast-type breasts are less likely to shrink during weight loss.

3. During weight loss, many people feel that their breasts have become smaller, not because their breasts have shrunk, but because their chest circumference has decreased. The reduction in bust size is mainly due to the reduction of back fat.

4. The criteria for assessing the size of breasts should not be the absolute size, but the relative size visually. After weight loss, the absolute size of the breasts will change, but because the back and waist are thinner, the dimples of the body will be more prominent in terms of body curves and the breasts will look more firm.

5. In fact, the most obvious change in the weight loss process is not in the breasts but the waistline. Because the accumulation of abdominal fat is relatively loose, it is easier to be consumed during exercise.

6. An often overlooked fact is that losing weight makes your face smaller, which also creates the visual effect of bigger breasts.

7. Fitness can also effectively improve the anterior pelvic tilt, and when your belly is tucked in, your breasts will also appear more prominent.

8. If you want to maintain the size of your chest as much as possible during fitness and weight loss, you need to control the duration of aerobic exercises such as running and cycling. I suggest that it is best to do it 3 times a week, no more than half an hour each time.

9. You can also do a few extra sets of push-ups or bench presses each day to increase your chest strength. The pectoral muscles you work out will make your breasts more lifted.

10. Remember to wear the right sports underwear when you exercise. Sports underwear is best to go to the store to try it on and jump a few times to ensure that the underwear can support the breasts and not shake up and down. A good sports bra can reduce the amplitude of the chest during exercise and ensure that the breasts will not sag significantly when standing.

11. Whether you are exercising to lose weight or not, maintaining a good posture will make your chest more visually protruding. When standing, sitting, or walking, keep your chest and abdomen high, and always remind yourself to tighten your core and clamp your shoulder blades.

12. Do not diet during the fat loss period, and ensure a reasonable diet. Insufficient nutrient intake can cause breast tissue to shrink, resulting in sagging breasts. It is recommended that you consume the corresponding grams of protein per day according to your body weight. For example, if you weigh 55 kg (121 lb), you need to add 55 g (0.121 lb) of protein.

13. The size of your breasts is not the only criterion for judging the beauty of a woman. I believe that after fitness and weight loss, women’s mental state will be fuller and convey more health and confidence, and these are far more important to the overall improvement of women’s appearance than the size of their breasts.

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Barbara Cominoli 06/29/2022 - 7:15 pm

Usually when standing, sitting or walking
Always remind yourself to keep your chest up and your belly in.
And then tie a “ponytail”.
Confident, energetic, temperament…

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