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12 Tips for Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

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12 Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails

Trimming my cat’s nails, cats always struggle and even scratch me, what should I do?

1. Cats naturally dislike nail clipping because their claws are important hunting and defense tools and are very sensitive.

Some cats don’t even like having their paws touched, and clipping their nails is more likely to make cats feel that their owners are hurting them.

2. When your cat resists nail clipping and struggles, don’t beat or scold it, and don’t ask someone to hold it down forcibly to trim your cat’s nails.

This will leave the cat with a negative memory of “cutting nails is equal to being tortured”, and when cutting nails in the future, the cat’s aggression will become stronger and stronger.

3. It is recommended to give priority to nail clipping when the cat is sleeping, as the limbs are more relaxed when sleeping and will not feel the pressure from the owner’s proximity. Secondly, you can choose when your cat is in a good mood and has nothing to do, such as when it has just woken up.

4. Never carry your cat over to trim nails while it is eating or playing. Cats that are having fun but are interrupted are likely to be upset and prone to struggle and run away.

5. Always use a special nail clipper for cats, not human nail clippers or scissors. Cat nail clippers are specially designed to fit the slope of your cat’s nails, and it is not easy to hurt the cat.

6. Before clipping your cat’s nails, comfort the cat well. You hold the cat on your lap and stroke its head and back until you see that the cat is comfortable and relaxed before you start clipping the nails.

7. When clipping, first press the cat’s nails out: use the index finger of one hand to pad under the cat’s paw pad, and press the thumb down gently on the paw, and the nail sticks out.

If you don’t press it, the nails are retracted in the claws. After pressing it out, take a special nail clipper in the other hand and cut it quickly.

12 Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails

8. The maximum trim length is 3mm (0.12in) from the bloodline. The bloodline is the place on the nail where the white and pink meet and the pink area has nerves and blood vessels.

If it is accidentally cut, the cat will be in pain and will struggle. It is recommended to keep a bottle of hemostatic powder at home, just in case.

9. After clipping, you also need to continue petting to soothe the cat and give it some treats as a reward.

This will help your cat remember that “nail clipping means treats and petting”, so they will not be so resistant in the future.

10. If your cat is “strong in combat” and difficult to control, you can find someone to help trim your cat’s nails:

One person is responsible for securing and calming the cat, and one person is responsible for clipping the nails. Or use a large towel to wrap the cat, and then take out the cat’s nails to trim them one by one.

11. It is recommended to cut every two weeks or so, and this frequency is about the time it takes for the cat’s nails to grow to their normal length.

If the interval is too long and the nails are too long, they will grow in the direction of the inside of the paws and easily become embedded in the fleshy pads, which is not conducive to the cat’s movement.

12 Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails

12. Don’t forget to trim the thumbnails of both front paws. The thumb of the front paw is a bit degenerated, very small, not in the same position as the other four fingers, and hidden in the hair, don’t miss it when cutting.

As you can count, Cat has 5 fingers on each of the two front paws and 4 fingers on each of the two back paws.

12 Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails

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