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12 Tips for How to Apply and Use Sunscreen Correctly

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I Know That Sunscreen is Important for My Skin, What is the Right Way to Use It?

1. The biggest role of sunscreen is not to prevent the skin from darkening, but to prevent the skin from aging. Among the various factors of skin aging, photoaging accounts for 90%. If you have a chance, you can look at the truck drivers who drive all year round. The side of their face facing the sun is more or less older than the other side, with more wrinkles and spots.


2. Many girls like to look at various brands of sunscreen reviews, in fact, as long as it is almost the same brand, the sunscreen effect is not particularly large different. What affects the sunscreen effect is the amount you apply.

3. In terms of smearing amount, most people are not up to the standard. Apply 2mg of sunscreen per square centimeter as recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you apply half of the sunscreen less, the sun protection factor (SPF) should be divided by 4, and the loss of sun protection is a logarithmic relationship, not just half.

4. Sunscreen does not mean that everything will be fine if you apply it in the morning. If you spend more than half of the day outdoors, such as hiking, walking your baby, or exercising outdoors, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

5. Ordinary sunscreens are not waterproof, so if you go to the beach, be sure to choose a water-resistant sunscreen, one that says “water-resistance” on the packaging – which can maintain photoprotection after 40 minutes of immersion in water, or “water-resistance” -proof” – sunscreen that retains its photoprotective effect after 80 minutes of immersion in water. As a reminder, choosing a sunscreen that does not contain “benzophenone-3” will be more environmentally friendly, have less impact on marine life, and contribute to the earth.

6. Many people feel that they are sitting in the office without direct sunlight, and they think it is okay to not wear sunscreen? If you can close the curtains every day and don’t open the windows, then you don’t need to apply sunscreen. If the office is well-lit and the working environment is bright and pleasant, you can open the windows for ventilation at any time. It is recommended to apply sunscreen as soon as possible and replenish it every noon Just apply once.

7. Sunscreen is not only necessary in summer, but also on cloudy and sunny days throughout the year. Because sunscreen protects against ultraviolet rays, which are not visible to our human eyes, even if the clouds can reduce the level of part of the ultraviolet rays on cloudy days, there are still 90% of the ultraviolet rays that cannot be filtered by the clouds. Therefore, there is no situation where you can be lazy without sun protection on cloudy days and winters, that is to deceive yourself.

8. Many people can’t tell the difference between sunscreen and isolation cream the ingredients of sunscreen are sunscreen + moisturizer, isolation cream is sunscreen + moisturizer + toner, but more than the role of even skin tone. You can smear whichever one, or both at the same time. These are not important. The point is still with enough amount.

9. Some people with sensitive skin will choose “kids sunscreen”, which is safer because its main ingredients are physical sunscreens like titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which don’t need to bind to cells and only cover the skin’s surface, works by reflecting UV light. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide are both white, so most children’s sunscreens will have obvious whitening, and some adult sunscreens that use whitening are mostly based on this principle.

10. Sunscreen for children can be used by adults, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Most of those sunscreens for adults that are not whitish, in addition to physical sunscreens, contain chemical sunscreens that have to work when combined with skin cells, and some may enter the bloodstream. Regarding its safety, scientists are continuing their research, but so far no serious side effects related to sunscreen have been reported, although children and sensitive skin are still recommended to give preference to physical sunscreen.

11. There is a saying on the Internet that “the shelf life of sunscreen is only half a year after opening”, which is true. But don’t worry, according to the normal dosage, use 2mg of sunscreen per square centimeter), as long as the dosage is enough, there is no situation where it can’t be used up for half a year, only not enough.

12. Some people usually wear makeup. When going out with makeup, you can use a liquid foundation, or you can use a sunscreen spray. In addition, some brands also release sunscreens with toners, even if the color of the sunscreens is the same as the foundation. If you don’t have high requirements for makeup, you can also use this type of sunscreen directly instead of foundation.

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