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12 Tips for Choosing Fresh Meat or Frozen Meat

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12 Tips for Choosing Fresh Meat or Frozen Meat

I often buy frozen meat in the supermarket, but my friend says it’s not fresh, how should I choose?

1. Meat is an important source of nutrition for family members. Whether the meat is fresh or not will directly affect the health of yourself and your family.

2. The freshness and safety of meat have nothing to do with the preservation method of freezing or refrigeration, but the key depends on the quality of the meat itself.

3. If the meat does not have a bloody, rotten smell, the fat layer appears white or creamy white, with no yellow, red, or other colors, the skin is shiny, with no scarring or large bruising spots, and the meat springs back quickly after finger pressure, the meat appears light red and shiny state, not red and purple, it can be judged to be fresh quality meat that can be purchased with confidence. The defrosted meat will spring back slower after being pressed by fingers.

4. Frozen or refrigerated, the taste and nutrition of the meat are not too affected. Some frozen meat has a spoiled taste after thawing, which is most likely not the reason for freezing and preserving, but the meat itself is spoiled.

5. Real “fresh” meat, is not suitable for direct consumption. In the 24 hours after slaughter, the meat is stiff, dry, and without the aroma of meat, and because of the high temperature, it is more likely to have excessive bacteria.

6. Try to buy meat from formal channels, such as meat counters in supermarkets, meat stalls in regular vegetable farms, self-managed meat from large e-commerce platforms, and e-commerce stores of big brands. Most of the problem meat, it is that the wrong purchase channel was chosen.

7. If you eat it on the same day, you can buy chilled meat. You can buy it in supermarket freezers and meat stalls with freezers in vegetable markets. In an unopened state, chilled meat can generally be left in an environment of 0-6°C for about 5 days. After opening, it is recommended to use it up on the same day.

8. If you want to buy more at a time and stock up in the freezer, I recommend buying frozen meat. The freezing capacity of the freezer compartment of a household refrigerator is far from the requirement of quick freezing. If you buy cooled meat for freezing, a large number of ice crystals are easily generated during the freezing process, which damages the muscle tissue and affects the taste.

9. Frozen meat usually lasts 24 months, but needs to meet storage conditions below -18 degrees.

10. To thaw frozen meat at home, take the meat out of the freezer the night before, put it in a plastic bag, close it up, and put it in the freezer. To avoid thawing at room temperature, the temperature is too high to cause bacteria to multiply. If you are in a hurry, you can put the frozen meat in a food bag and soak it in water to thaw it.

11. It is not recommended to freeze the thawed meat for a second time. Besides affecting the taste, the microbial reproduction in the meat will also increase at room temperature, which will affect the quality of the meat and is not conducive to preservation.

12. These conditions also apply to beef and lamb, and you need to be reminded that the vast majority of steaks we can buy are quick-frozen and then thawed, especially imported steaks. The difference between a frozen steak and a chilled steak is only that the latter is thawed in advance by the business, which is not directly related to the quality.

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