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11 Tips to Stop My Cat and Dog Fighting

by Letomi
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cat and dog fighting

My Cat and Dog Fighting Together, How Can I Make My Cat and Dog Get Along?

1. Cats and dogs fight, not because they are not harmonious, but because the dog sees the cat as “prey”.

In nature, dogs are higher than cats in the food chain, and many breeds of dogs have been specially trained to hunt animals that are about the size of cats, so when dogs see fast-moving cats, they will instinctively chase or even attack, And cats will instinctively escape and fight back.

2. When your cat and dog fight fiercely, it is recommended that you control the dog as soon as possible and give the cat a chance to escape, instead of controlling both sides.

Because in most cases, the cat is the one who is “invaded”, and it is less active to attack. Even if the cat is occasionally found to be actively attacking the dog, it must be ensured that the dog is controlled first, and then the cat has driven away.

3. After resolving the “conflict”, you need to isolate the cats and dogs. Give the cat a safe space away from the dog.

If the dog insists on going to the cat or keeps sniffing the area where the cat is resting, be sure to stop it sternly and calm both parties.

4. If you want to improve the relationship between cats and dogs, the first task is to teach dogs to change the wrong way of interacting.

For example, dogs wag their tails to express excitement, but in the eyes of cats, they are ready to fight; dogs like to hold the cat’s head with their mouths and claw at the cat, which will also be perceived as aggression by the cat.

5. You can train the dog to understand the commands such as “sit, wait, go back to the den”. Once you find that the dog is too “friendly” to the cat, and the cat is about to run away or get angry, use these commands to stop the dog.

6. The behavior of cats begins to solidify at the age of 1 year old, so we try to let cats interact with dogs as much as possible when they are young, under human management, to eliminate the fear of dogs from childhood.

7. If your cat is over 1 year old, then you create as much safe space for it in your home as possible that the dog cannot reach, preferably high up.

For example, high cabinets, and cat climbing frames, while reducing the space that dogs can easily enter, such as the sofa or the gap under the coffee table, where the cat hides will be disturbed by the dog, you can block with something.

8. Encourage cats to rest in high places. This increases the cat’s sense of security and also improves the cat’s place in the dog’s heart.

Because in the world of dogs, it is generally the “boss” in the group who is active or resting in high places.

9. Allow your dog to rest or move around as much as the cat can tolerate.

As long as there is no rude behavior to the cat, such as barking at, trying to chase, etc., you can not stop, so the cat gradually adapts to the company of the dog.

10. You can do some targeted exercises to establish a good relationship between cats and dogs: for example, you hold the cat, ask the dog to remain calm, and sniff at a distance of half a meter. If the cat does not have any fear, then shorten the distance a little bit until the dog smells against the cat’s face and the cat can accept it.

You can also play with cat sticks and feed snacks to the cat after you control the dog.

11. *Be aware that even if your dog and cat can live together peacefully now, it does not mean that they can accept other strange dogs and cats. When a new dog or cat visits your home, or a new member arrives, it is still necessary to re-establish the relationship between them when you refer to the guidance method above.

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