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11 Best Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

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11 Best Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

Fitness at Home, Which Fitness Equipment is Convenient and Does Not Take Up Space?

1. A must-have first-choice Yoga Mat. Not only can you practice yoga, but you can also do push-ups, flat support, abdominal rolls, open and closed jump, Bobby jump, and more.

And yoga mat its role can avoid sports injuries and injuries, it is recommended to buy thickened and non-slip.

2. Dumbbells. Dumbbells are the most basic and most commonly used fitness equipment. Many fitness movements can be performed with dumbbells, whether it is cardio or strength training.

It is recommended to buy adjustable dumbbells. Different weights correspond to different training parts and your strength level. Be sure to buy good quality, it is best not to buy iron, easy to rust.


3. Elastic Bands. Different elastic forces can provide different resistance. It is recommended to buy several elastic bands with different elastic forces according to your own needs.

The elastic bands are good to get started, training in a variety of ways can increase the variation and difficulty of training, but also for specific muscle groups to improve muscle strength.

Be sure to buy good quality, the method of judgment is: pull the elastic band first and then pull it immediately after the elastic band rebounds, and the elasticity is not affected.

Elastic Bands

4. Bench Press Chair. I highly recommend it, it can go through the supine way to exercise the pectoralis major and triceps, you can also bend over to exercise the back muscle groups.

If you buy an adjustable angle, you can also stimulate the pectoral muscles in different positions. An upward sloping angle can stimulate the pectoralis muscle above; parallel can stimulate the pectoralis muscle bundle; downward sloping can stimulate the pectoralis muscle bundle.

Bench Press Chair

5. Comprehensive Fitness Equipment. It can exercise the back, chest, arms, and abdominal areas.

Can not go to the gym and need strength training to increase the muscle of the boys, very recommended. Pull-ups, push-ups, arm curls, and hanging leg lifts these movements can be practiced.

Comprehensive Fitness Equipment

6. Pull-up Bar. If you think that the comprehensive fitness equipment occupies a large area, it is recommended to use a pull-up bar at home, which is a 70-100cm (27-40in) telescopic rod, which is fixed on the door frame to do pull-ups. The size is very small, and it is convenient to carry on business trips.

Pull-up Bar

7. Home Folding Treadmill. Buy a foldable treadmill, or quite convenient, especially in winter when the comfort of going out for running is not high.

Home Folding Treadmill

8. Swiss Ball. Also known as a yoga ball, it is the kind of large rubber ball that can be inflated, is very comfortable to use, and can add fun to training. The most unique aspect of Swiss ball training is its effect on core strength, as the body is exercised on an unstable surface, the core muscles are forced to play a stabilizing role. Almost any seated and prone movement that can be done on a bench can be done with the Swiss ball.

9. Abdominal Wheel. The abdominal training wheel has a significant effect on the training of core muscles. But it should be reminded that it is best for beginners to practice the basic abdominal strength first, and have enough core control and muscle strength, and then perform abdominal wheel training.

10. Jump Rope. The advantage of jumping rope is not to take up space, and fat burning efficiency is very high, is easy to be ignored but very effective cardio training equipment. A small jump rope can be completed at home warm-up training (jump 5-10 minutes), cardio training (uniform slow jump 20-30 minutes), and cardio training (variable speed interval jump). Now there are cordless counting jump ropes on the market, and you don’t have to worry about breaking things when you throw them at home.

11. Home Fitness Mirror. Many people ignore the point, at home to practice on their own, the most important thing is to ensure the accuracy of the action, so the mirror is very important, the usual fitness time to look at their movements in the mirror, otherwise, it is easy to practice for a long time the action has been incorrect.

Recently there are some technology companies have developed a new touch fitness mirror, which can not only look in the mirror but also follow the coaches in the mirror to train. And it is said that it has an error correction function, which may become a product as popular as a treadmill in the future. We will wait and see.

Brief Summary:

Home fitness is still aerobic training, strength training, and stretching training three major parts, according to their circumstances, each choose one or two kinds of equipment is good. If you have enough space at home, choose elliptical machines, rowing machines, and other large cardio training equipment, not enough if a jump rope or a yoga mat on the open and closed jump can be; strength training general group of dumbbells, a group of elastic bands and a bench press chair are enough; stretch training with a yoga mat and one or two foam shafts you can.

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Frank 06/29/2022 - 7:47 pm

Good tips, for me to further purchase home fitness equipment to provide direction. Talk about the equipment currently used more frequently at home: elastic band, yoga mat, treadmill, and jump rope.

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