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10 Tips for Best Choosing a Cat Feather Wand Toys

by Letomi
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Cat Feather Wand

I Want to Buy a Funny Cat Feather Wand Toys for My Cat, How Should I Choose?

1. A cat stick is a must-have toy for cat owners. Generally, it is a pole connected to a rope, and there is a decoration at the end of the rope. People wave the rod, shaking the decorative object, attracting cats to pounce after the decorative object.

This way the cat can achieve a certain amount of exercise and meet the nature of hunting, to avoid the cat getting fat, at home “to do damage” and other problems.

2. The choice of the cat feather wand is mainly based on two aspects: safety and whether the cat likes it or not. Safety is something you can filter, but the cat’s preference is not easy to pinpoint, you need to buy a few more cat teasers to “trial and error”.

3. Consider safety first, it is recommended to choose natural and non-toxic materials, such as unpainted log grip rods, natural hemp rope, feathers, etc. Because cat-friendly sticks will be bitten by cats, it is necessary to prevent cats from accidentally eating toxic and harmful substances.

If you choose plastic and paint, then you must choose a big brand, the safety of the material is more secure, don’t try to use three no products or small brands for cheap.

4. The rope on the cat teasing stick is recommended to choose a more flexible, tough, not easy-to-break style. Like thick hemp rope, the plastic thin rope is still relatively strong.

If it is easy to break, a rope may be taken by the cat to play, and may accidentally tangle themselves and the rope into a ball, resulting in injury.

5. Beware of teasing sticks with many “small parts”, be sure to tug to check if they are sturdy. Some rods will be decorated with small bells, and small beads, swinging will have a sound, the cat more interested.

The original intention of this design is good, but some products are not fixed tightly, and it is very dangerous if a small bell falls and is eaten by a cat. After buying this kind of cat stick, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the parts are still firm.

6. There is also a kind of “infrared cat funny stick” on the market, which does not use a pendant object to simulate the prey, but emits infrared rays to form light spots to simulate the prey. I don’t recommend this kind of thing, because it is not good for the cat’s eyes to be frequently irradiated by infrared rays, and the light spot cannot be caught by the cat, and the cat hunts for a long time but has no results, which will be psychologically uncomfortable.

7. With safety assured, it is then time to choose the most suitable style. Generally speaking, the size of the decorative head of the teaser stick should not exceed one-third of the cat’s length, and for kittens, not more than one-third of the head size.

Because the cat feather wand is to simulate prey and let cats enjoy hunting, large cats (such as Maine Coons) may not be interested in “prey” that is too small, and small cats and kittens will see too large “prey”. I feel that it is too difficult, and I feel frustrated and do not like to play.

8. Cat feather wand according to the dangling object, there are generally feathers, rope with two categories, feathers are simulated bird prey, the rope is simulated caterpillar prey, at first it is recommended that you have one of each, to see which your cat likes.

9. If your cat likes catnip, you can specifically choose a teaser stick with catnip built in to give off the cat’s favorite smell when waved.

10. Finally, I remind you that after you buy the cat stick, remember to disinfect it regularly, once a month, or even more frequently. Because it is something that cats bite, be sure to keep the parts that are often bitten clean and hygienic.

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