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10 Effective Strategies to Stop Playing Video Games

by Letomi
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10 Effective Strategies to Stop Playing Video Games

I want to use my free time to improve myself, but I can’t help but always want to play games, how do quit the game?

1. Calculate the amount of time you spend playing games each week. Get a notebook and record the time you start and end playing games each day, and at the end of each week add up the total time spent on games that week.

2. These numbers will make you feel miserable, will help you make a greater determination to quit the game, and can also help you set a phased withdrawal goal for some time in the future.

3. 10% less play time per week. The total time you played last week * 0.9 is the amount of time you can play next week. This means that in the process of playing the game, you will become “scarce of time”, which in itself will make the game less appealing.

4. Note, be sure to start reducing your game time in the first few days of the week, when you do well in the first few days, you will be happy with the sense of accomplishment. More “timeshares” in the next few days can be seen as a reward for self-control.

5. If you know you’re likely to be playing games at home on the weekend, then make prior arrangements to go out and play.

6. Change the layout of your room. If you usually play games at a fixed location at home, your brain will automatically associate and tell you “I want to play games” when it sees this location. You need to break this subconscious conditioned reflex.

7. Write down your goals and post them in a prominent place on your desktop.

8. Tell your friends and family about this resolution and let them urge you on.

9. Log out of your gaming account or install software on your phone and computer to help you quit gaming. There are quite a few software programs on the software market nowadays to quit internet addiction and gaming addiction, so you can look for them.

10. Remember, when we are in the game, we miss out on many experiences in the real world. Connect with friends offline more often and go out to connect with others. Replace playing games with some healthier ways of getting pleasure.

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Taekkyung Kim 07/18/2022 - 5:42 pm

The best way to change a bad habit is to create a new one.

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